I'm not a hippie but…

I own a terrarium

Who are you?

My name is Hayley Jane.

I was born and raised in Canberra, Australia.

I grew up in suburbia in a real ‘nappy valley’ area, where baby boomers came together to build brand-new houses, befriend their neighbours, throw street parties and struggle to pay their mortgages amid really scary interest rates.

I had a full-time Mum who baked cupcakes, cut the family’s hair, rearranged the furniture habitually and was always sort of quitting smoking.

Dad carried a briefcase, worked multiple odd jobs, and proudly wore a gigantic and wholly unnecessary mobile telephone hanging from his belt.

I have an older sister; a logical, level-headed, proud ‘nerd’ and now a devoted high school school teacher.

I also have a lovely husband with an impressively short attention span. I liken him to a ‘coked-up butterfly’ for the way he flutters around frantically, occasionally landing long enough to half complete a task before getting distracted and fluttering off in pursuit of new surroundings.

Recently my husband and I decided upon a lifestyle change and moved to Wamboin, NSW, where we enjoy 11 hectares of land, a certain level of self-sustaining infrastructure and the constant buzz of wildlife.

We are not what you’d call ‘hobby farmers’, not quite self-sustainable ‘off-grid’ types, and certainly not freakish bush-dwelling recluses.

We are not hippies, but…

My happiest moment

My happiest moment

My hippiest moment

My hippiest moment




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