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Top Five Children’s Books with Meaning

I recently expelled a human from my vagina and ever since then parenting has just gotten better and better!

As my baby grows older, she’s beginning to more closely resemble a person, as opposed to the squishy-wet-soft-sweet-potato-faced creature that first arrived.

No longer does she struggle with the simplest task, like holding one’s head up for oneself or correctly loading the dishwasher (seriously, pull your weight).

She has also begun to exhibit an interest in the world around her, which is both exciting and terrifying.

As my baby enters this next stage in her development, I’m acutely aware that she’s transforming into a little knowledge sponge, soaking up information and coming to little baby conclusions. She’s learning. And it’s my job to control that flow of information so she learns good things and doesn’t turn out to be an arsehole.

As a passionate reader and writer, I’ve decided to ‘pass the buck’ somewhat and place a great deal of that onus on books.

Books are truly incredible sources of information and, in my opinion, an unbeatable tool in helping to shape thoughts and instill values in our impressionable little people.

So without further crapping on, here are my TOP FIVE CHILDREN’S BOOKS WITH MEANING, designed to offer both you and your little one a beautifully bonding reading experience whilst planting a happy little message in their baby brains!

5. I Like Myself  – by Karen Beaumont

Whilst the message behind this book may hit you in the face with all the subtlety of a Nicky Minaj music video, I promise it’s not so obvious to the little people. They are so new that, bless their hearts, they haven’t yet had the chance to feel inadequate in the face of a crushing societal pressure to look or act a certain way. Read them this book and pray they never have to!

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4. The Pied Piper of Hamelin – by Russell Brand

Okay, this one is perhaps not for everyone. The meaning in this book comes courtesy of Russell Brand’s thinly-veiled political agenda, whilst the language and illustrations drip with a coarse, Roald Dahl-esque savageness. However, if you and your child can handle something a bit rougher than the average children’s story, this is a magically dynamic storybook with a good heart.

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3. Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes – by Mem Fox

A simply beautiful little poem by the talented Mem Fox (author of arguably Australia’s favourite children’s book, Possum Magic). This lovely little story introduces a plethora of babies from all walks of life and teaches your baby how different other’s lives can be, whilst gently reminding what we have in common.

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2. Goodnight Yoga – by Mariam Gates

I absolutely love this concept! Sadly, many parents find that bedtime is not a lovely bonding experience built on a foundation of love, calming cuddles, butterflies and rainbows, etc. For many parents, bedtime is war.

In theory, incorporating this book into your nightly routine has the potential to calm your child’s body and mind before bedtime. Goodnight Yoga is an interactive bedtime story giving your child a bedtime game which actually calms them! Genius parenting trickery!

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1. Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda – by Lauren Alderfer

My top pick is a simple story about mindfulness and being ‘in the moment’. The beautifully childlike, fluid illustrations serve to enhance the calm clarity of mind this story is encouraging. I love the message in this story because if a child can learn to calm themselves and master the art of mindfulness, they’re likely to save themselves so much unnecessary stress and heartache in the future.

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