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Today I swapped poo for food… and it just made sense.

Friday 6th November marks a historic day for me. Today I swapped poo for food… and it just made sense.

Recently a fantastic Facebook group has popped up servicing my local region, and I truly can’t believe something like this hasn’t existed until now.

BarterEconomy Canberra offers members a platform to exchange goods and services, exclaiming:

“This group is for backyard growers and makers who want to exchange their excess produce with other growers and makers.”

The rules? No money can change hands.

“Is it the middle of tomato season and your knee deep in tomatoes? Swap them for someone who has too many jalapenos! Got backyard chooks and sick of eating omelettes five days a week? Swap some of those excess eggs for a jar of home made pickles!”

I’m immediately drawn to this concept in the same way I am the Amish lifestyle (…but it’s so much easier to join this Facebook group than the Amish community). This is how shit used to be done before some total arsehat went and invented money!

Back in the day everyone had a job contributing something to society and would exchange their offerings for those of another in order to procure goods and services.

Then money came along and turned the world all topsy-turvy and make-no-sensey and now you can become one of the world’s most powerful people simply by making a poor quality sex tape. Back in the day all that sex tape would have fetched was a handful of tomatoes and some goat’s cheese at most!

These days we all still have ‘jobs’, but many of them seem kind of unnecessary to the running of an efficient society, and everyone earns this ‘money’ crap in random amounts which seldom seem to correspond to their tangible contribution to the community.

The beauty of a barter economy is we all just contribute something we think is needed, then swap it for things we need ourselves. Everyone wins and nobody ends up a rich twat!

It’s a beautiful system of organic supply and demand which encourages community participation and engagement, basic cooperation and a shared sense of responsibility. In this disconnected world we live in, a barter economy reengages people with people!

One of the things my little hobby farm produces (without much effort from me, I must say) is alpaca poo. They do it often, they do it for free and they even do it in neat little piles.

Today I swapped two piles of poo for 2kgs of broadbeans, handfuls of parsley, a bucket of blackberries and a redcurrant bush.

Let me just repeat that – In a barter economy, I am able to use piles of shit to feed my family. 

… Proving once and for all that money ain’t shit!

Because a world where you can use poo in place of money is a world I want to live in.

Because a world where you can use poo in place of money is a world I want to live in.

Fresh (and free) broadbeans and parsley - Om nom nom!

Fresh (and free) broadbeans and parsley – Om nom nom!