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Costa Rica being powered by rain, wind and and earth (much like Captain Planet)

Didn’t you always feel so bad for poor old Ma-Ti with his shitty little ‘Heart!’ power.

Aw. Sadness.

In happier news, there’s officially an area of the planet the Planeteers no longer have to worry about: Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a well-known tropical paradise. It’s a serene escape for seasoned travelers and a buzzing ecological hot spot filled with an incredibly vast array of unique wildlife. But have you heard it celebrated for its cutting edge technology?

Well, get ready to have your mind blown. In the first quarter of 2015, this quiet achiever has entirely eliminated the need to use fossil fuels, using 100% renewable resources for electricity.

For the past 75 days the country’s electricity has come almost entirely from four hydropower plants (thanks to heavy rainfall) with the remaining power needs were met by wind, solar and geothermal plants.

Pirris Hydroelectric Power Station, Costa Rica

Pirris Hydroelectric Power Station, Costa Rica

“Whoa! Awesome! Genius! Let’s all do what they’re doing!” I hear you say. Hold on there, keen beans.

A country’s ability to effectively produce natural energy is obviously heavily dependent on environmental factors. For example, Costa Rica’s landscape provides in abundance, including a thick patchwork of volcanoes, rivers and mountains tightly packed into the relatively small country. They are also supplying energy for a population of under 5 million with no major industry, meaning power usage would be generally lower than most developed countries.

However, that’s no reason to dismiss this encouraging achievement. This is a huge, reassuring step in the right direction by those in a prime position to show us how it can be done!

The humble and most naturally beautiful Republic of Costa Rica is showing us its able to produce enough energy to power itself while leaving its wilderness intact.

Look around you at the elements at your disposal – What could we do what your country has to offer?

PS. How much do you know about Ma-Ti? Check out his family history. It’s a bloody depressing read which has filled me with regret for mocking his undeniably second rate ‘Heart’ power.